This is an example of the page. A page is slightly different from a post in that it stays in one place and appears in the menu bar in many themes. Usually, the first page created is the “About” page, which introduces the website to visitors. This page might look like this:

Hello! During the day I work as a courier, at night I try to become an actor, and I also create this website. I live in Vilnius, I have an amazing dog named Rex, and I like to drink juice (and get caught in the rain).

…or this way:

UAB “Laser Company” was founded in 1971 and has been producing various types of lasers ever since. “Laser Company” is located in Kaunas, it employs about 2,000 physics specialists who create amazing products every day that make life easier for all of us.

Since you are new to WordPress, visit your Dashboard, delete this page and create a new one with your own content. Enjoy!